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The booking pace for winter reservations is down 3.9 percent for the next six months year-over-year, says the Mountain Travel Research Program. MTRiP tracks reservations at 260 property management companies in the west.


“It seems that both prospective guests and the resort suppliers are having reservations about booking reservations for the coming season,” quipped Ralf Garrison, MTRiP director. “We anticipated that the positive economic news in September, combined with a strong uptick in consumer confidence would be driving winter booking activity, but overall advanced reservation activity is essentially flat.”


Garrison speculated that last season’s low-snow patterns across much of the nation was contributing to a “hangover” and snow enthusiasts were taking a wait and see approach until winter weather trends become more apparent. He noted, however, it’s still very early in the game.


The report noted that September finished up 3.2 percent over last year. He said “weather, economic trends, and political events will all have an influence on this year’s results. He advises lodging properties to stick to their plans and strategies, but “be ready to react quickly if any of these influences start shifting vacation plans.”