Swiss Tourism ad

An ad campaign for Swiss Tourism, dubbed “Pure White” and created by LIQWID, has won the “Best Travel Online Award” presented by the Web Marketing Association. The ad campaign was specifically created for delivery on this winter.

A LIQWID ad unit instantly reconfigures and scales itself when delivered, regardless of the ad size, dimensions or placement location, to fit on any device, or mobile property including responsive properties and in any space. 

Liqwid, says it website, is “more than just getting bigger and smaller, it's about changing and repositioning elements of the ad to continue to provide a complete ad experience.” In other words, LIQWID ads automatically adapt to any ad size on a viewer’s screen.

“LIQWID ads have provided our partners a creative and dynamic avenue to reach their target audience,” said Tom Horrocks, marketing and communications director for “Our partners have seen an increase in not only exposure, but click-through rates and conversion.

“For us, working with LIQWID has increased our sales inventory and allowed us the opportunity to offer our clients premium ad placement on that was previously under-utilized,” Horrocks said.

LIQWID CEO Nikolai Mentchoukov said his company is “very pleased top have received this prestigious award recognizing our high impact Switzerland Tourism ‘Pure White’ campaign with our LIQWID ad.”

Snowsports entities and SnoCountry clients may contact Horrocks or Rob Werner for more information on how the concept works.

Screen Shot: LIQWID’s Award-winning Swiss Tourism ad campaign on