Nine employees at Whitetail Resort in Mercersburg, Pa., have received scholarships totaling $5,000. It’s the 11th annual program.


Eight of the employees received $500 scholarships, while one was awarded the Oscar Weller Memorial Employee Scholarship for $1,000. Awards are made based on academic excellence and Whitetails own STEEP (Safety, Teamwork, Efficiency, Enthusiasm, and Professionalism) program. 


All applicants must maintain an appropriate grade level, participate in extracurricular activities, and provide adequate references.


Recipients this year came from six local high schools and included Jennifer Schofield, Brianne Shaefer, Lexie Holtzman, Jessica Thwaite, Benjamin Reinert, Hannah Brandt, Annetta Hartman, and Michelle Zimmerman. Justine Staniszewski won the Weller Scholarship. She works in the snowmaking and golf departments.


Funds for the program come from proceeds in donation boxes at the resorts complimentary ski and snowboard check and revenue at employee soda machines around the resort.


Photo: Whitetail Resort (DCMetro.com)