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Organizers of the Learn To Ski And Snowboard/Bring A Friend initiative have updated and re-launched the initiative’s web presence. Several new features enable newcomers to more easily find learning information from ski/snowboard areas and retail shops.

Click here to see the website.

“The new LSS site is the most consumer friendly site we've ever had,” said Samantha Rufo, president of nxtConcepts, developers of the site and long-time supporters of the initiate. “We are providing customized and unique experiences for consumers and especially newcomers to snow sports”.

The site originally focused specifically on January - Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. Initiative partners wanted the flexibility to better promote learning programs that take place at other times since lessons from professional instructors are available all winter long.

“Our goal is to encourage taking lessons from professional instructors,” said Raelene Davis, VP of marketing for Ski Utah and chair of the initiative. 

“January still will be ‘Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month’ because many ski and snowboard areas like to offer their best learning deals then. It’s a great PR hook that enables us to focus the public’s attention and the industry’s attention on a specific time frame. However, since lessons are available all winter and we want to make sure that we are getting that message across to newcomers as well”.

The website continues to provide practical tips and basic information that a newcomer should know before, during and after taking lessons. It also includes updated information on consumer shows and special kids programs and a tab that will exclusively feature special January deals as they become available. 

bringafriend.org will be more closely aligned with learntoskiandsnowboard.org to provide partners crafting a “bring a friend” message with option. It primarily hosts the Bring a Friend Challenge. Initiative partners are encouraged to use the Challenge as an incentive for current skiers and snowboarders who help newcomers sign up for lessons from professionals.