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Eastern Manufacturer’s Reps Launch Fundraiser For Sandy-Affected Colleagues

Seaside Heights, NJ after Sandy

Participating in a fund called Waves For Winter will allow the Eastern Winter Sports Reps Association(EWSRA) to benefit colleagues who were severely affected by the recent Super Storm Sandy in the Mid Atlantic.


Numerous members of the association, their families, and retail accounts they serve were literally wiped out from the storm, losing homes and businesses in New York and New Jersey. Waves for Winter focuses on providing clean water to those who need it in disaster relief situations. Donations can be made online


“It is heartbreaking and overwhelming,” says Kevin O’Flaherty, a member who lives in Rockville Center, N.Y. who is leading the effort. “The task of cleaning up, discarding all of your belongings, every appliance and piece of furniture, flooring, walls and more is unimaginable for most, but the sad reality for almost all in N.Y. and N.J.


“On top of that, some of our retailers have experienced the double hit of losing their businesses. These are our people. These are our reps and retailers and their families. They are the lifeblood of our industry. We need to help our own through this very long process.”


Linda Irvin, EWSRA’s executive director, said her organization decided that setting up a fundraising effort with Waves for Winter “was the most effective way to immediately help colleagues.” 


Photo: Examiner.com (Mario Tama/Getty Images) 




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