PCSkiGal: Play 'Parkarazzi' On Your Park City Ski Vacation Jan. 22-26

SundanceI’ve never completely understood the allure of celebrity. I’d much rather have a photograph of me and friends than me and actors who don’t know me, but it’s there…and it’s here in Park City, Utah. If you are skiing or riding in the neighborhood, have some "parkarazzi" fun at the annual Sundance Film Festival.

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PCSkiGal: Be Your Own Paparazzi At Park City's Sundance Fest

Be A Paparazzi At SundanceI skied with Barbara Streisand’s brother one year while teaching skiing at Deer Valley. I’ve spotted Danny Devito and talked with Kate Walsh at the Smile Celebrity Ski Race. 

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PCSkiGal: Be A V.I.P. During Park City's Sundance Without A V.I.P. Pass

Anyone can be a VIP at SundanceThis year, we say goodbye to L’Oreal (and MorningStar Farms veggie burgers). but that doesn't mean there isn't a whole lot of other things to do and see and eat in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival when you’re not skiing. You don’t even need a V.I.P pass.

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PCSkiGal: Sundance Reels Forward; Even Energy Options

Brooke Burke and Jill AdlerI kicked off one Sundance morning with a trip to the Quaker Oats Lodge to meet Brooke Burke and get the skinny (she’s that too) on her spokesperson gig promoting healthy, quick energy options from the cereal brand.

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PCSkiGal: Park City Does A 'Quick Change' For Sundance

Park City at Sundance

Is it bad that I'm not missing skiing right now? After my EPIC and I mean EPIC day of pow at Alta on Monday I put away the skis and got ready for Sundance. 


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PCSkiGal: Here’s Who’s Coming To Sundance 2014 -- But, Will they Ride?

Sundance Oakley EventIt’s true what they say. No one skis or rides during Sundance. But by ‘no one.’ we don’t mean ‘anyone’ or ‘someone.’

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