Stickney Secret Stash

Bretton Woods Stickney Cabin

I'm writing this post a bit reluctantly because like a fisherman with a secret fishing hole, I feel like I have a secret skiing stash.  Only it's clearly marked on the trail map.


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Rockin' It On The Rock Wall at Bretton Woods

Bretton Woods Rock Climb

After two years of walking past the Bretton Woods Slopeside Climbing Wall on the third floor of the base lodge, my five-year-old daughter was finally big enough to try on a harness and rock shoes and give the climb a try. 


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Not-So-Secret Tips For A Happy Ski Vacation

On the Lift

As any parent knows, expectations run high this time of year for young and old alike. With so many tasks to juggle, I'm hoping this list of tips will help make your ski vacation be just that: a true vacation from the everyday, with time to truly cherish some family moments.

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The Power Of The Kid Posse

Do you ever feel like you need a little inspiration to get the kids motivated to ski?


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PCSkiGal: Ski Helmets and Kids. Just Say Yes

Kids and helmets

I didn’t start wearing a ski helmet until the 90s. By then I had spent more than 20 years lid-free. I wore a bike helmet, but my parents wore cute ski hats and so did we on the hill. 


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