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Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wins Cross Country Ski Resort Poll


Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa is number one in the public’s eye, according to The USA Today 2018-19 10Best Poll for cross country ski resorts.

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Ski And Snowboard Swaps: Save On Gear In New Hampshire


The arrival of ski swaps each fall reminds winter enthusiasts that snow is on the way and that the ski season is right around the corner. Now is the time to get the best deals on ski and snowboard equipment, and ski swaps are a great way to purchase gently used or even new gear for short money. Swaps are not just for buying gear; you can also turn in your used gear that still has life left in it and earn back some of your investment. 

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Making Time For Cross Country Skiing


The rewards are great for taking the time to get out onto the trails. (Fisher Touring)

One of the greatest challenges for many people who love to cross country (XC)  ski regardless of the snow conditions is making time to get out there. Skiers struggle with this, but there are easy ways make time and to be more prepared to enjoy skiing.

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Abstract Art Featured In Unique Art Along The Trails Gallery

Abstract Art Featured In Unique Art Along The Trails Gallery

Art and nature converge at Jackson Ski Touring. (Roger Lohr)

Jackson Ski Touring Center in New Hampshire featured two local abstract painters, in a display of art with nature on a snowy Saturday in February. Instead of a white walled gallery, in its place were walls made from snow, hemlocks, and birches, all places for paintings to hang from... and the beneficiaries were on snowshoes and cross country skis.

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Kids Winter Programs

Kids Winter Programs

Kids hitting the trails. (Fischer Skis)

Kids on cross country skis or snowshoes? It is not only about child obesity, nature deficit disorder, and better brain function – it's about fun.

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The Case for Fee-Based Nordic Skiing

The Case for Fee-Based Nordic Skiing

Jackson Ski Touring offers state of the art grooming on trails designed to suit every taste and ability. (Jackson Ski Touring Foundation)

Is there a difference between cross country (XC) skiing at a commercial center and “in the woods?” You better believe it!

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Trail Grooming Provides Better Nordic Skiing Experiences

Groomer at Jackson XCThe biggest disparity between going cross country (XC) skiing on your own through the woods and XC skiing at a commercial XC ski area is trail conditions. Trail grooming at commercial XC ski areas (that charge a trail fee) refers to using a vehicle with attachments to rework the snow to provide consistent ski and trail conditions.

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XC Trip Report: New Hampshire's Nordic Skiing Mecca

Jackson XC GroomingWe excitedly planned a weekend trip to Jackson, N.H., because it is a true Mecca for Nordic skiers. This is the quintessential New England Nordic (XC) skiing experience with the covered bridge, white steepled church, brookside trails, and the accompanying village with all of the trappings.

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'Ski Your Heart Strong' At Jackson Ski Touring Center Through Feb. 14

Jackson XC Touring CenterJackson Ski Touring Center is hosting the Ski Heart Strong program with the American Heart Association to get people out this winter and, at the same time, raise awareness and promote physical activity and heart-healthy living.

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