The Way We Were: And Then There Was Stein

Stein Eriksen (Stein Eriksen Lodge, Deer Valley)

As a ski instructor extraordinaire, Stein Eriksen helped propel the popularity of the sport both with his graceful style and famous acrobatics. He was a natural athlete who wowed the world not only with his three World Championships and Olympic medals, but also with his movie-star good looks, ski technique, and approach to directing ski schools.


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The Way We Were: Good Ol’ Days Weren’t That Grand

Attitash 1960

Dev Jennings and I stood on the top of Upper Ptarmigan trail on Attitash just a couple of years before he died in April 2000. It was a deep bluebird morning and the snow underfoot, if still a bit crusty from the overnight temperatures, looked like perfect corduroy.


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