RealSkiers: A Sommelier For Your Feet

RealSkiers Sommelier For Your FeetAt this time last week, I was sitting in a classroom listening to a passionately yet soberly delivered series of seminars on advanced boot fitting techniques.  Even though most of the information covered familiar terrain, the value of the bits that were new coupled with the merits of revisiting fundamentals made for the most interesting two days of the new season. 


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RealSkiers: Carpe Skiem

Lonely Bootfitter RealSkiers

Now is the time. Not to go skiing, but to prepare for frolics to come. Most skiers wait until the last possible moment to rediscover that the boots that caused so much distress last season are still lurking in the back of the hall closet. No time like the present to pull them out, slap them on and wonder, “Is this the best I can do?”


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RealSkiers: How Not To Save A Buck

Boot fittingSkiing is expensive. Just affording the requisite underwear requires a second mortgage, never mind all the other clothing layers, equipment, travel, lodging and such niceties as food. Every expense seems to beget another: boots need custom insoles, skis need bindings, goggles go with helmets and you need bags of every description just to haul it all around.

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Realskiers: Bootfitting Brings Hope For America’s Future

Masterfit UI recently attended two days of seminars on advanced boot fitting techniques under the aegis of Masterfit University. The folks who run this worldwide roadshow also orchestrate the annual ski boot test whose results appear on the pages of

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RealSkiers: Fit Your Whole Foot

Boots at Bobo's Mogul House

When I’m not creating new content for, a period known to the general population as “weekends,” I fit people in ski boots at Bobo’s Mogul Mouse in Reno, Nevada. 

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