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Warren Miller is considered by most to be the pioneer or godfather of action sports films as his efforts were among the first to capture and share the excitement of extreme athletes. Much of what is now portrayed as extreme sports, which is a giant industry, originated from Warren's own life and entrepreneurial lifestyle as the original ski...
Warren Miller is considered by most to be the pioneer or godfather of action sports films as his efforts were among the first to capture and share the excitement of extreme athletes. Much of what is now portrayed as extreme sports, which is a giant industry, originated from Warren's own life and entrepreneurial lifestyle as the original ski bum. He is a man who followed his interests, saw and created opportunity, and then developed and grew a business that has spanned six decades and is known the world over. The Freedom Foundation was named in his honor for his extraordinary life and success as an entrepreneur. Aptly incorporating the word freedom, for which was and is Warren's goal as an entrepreneur: to accomplish both economic and personal freedom. He continues to write, speak, and promote entrepreneurship and the Freedom Foundation.

Warren Miller: A Story Of A Ski Industry Veteran

Filmmaker Warren MillerAs my eyes got used to the dimly lit hospital room, I could hear Jon Reveal breathing lightly.

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Warren Miller: Revisiting So. California Mountains Circa 1924

Filmmaker Warren MillerI was introduced to the Polar Palace ice arena at the age of 12 and spent the next six years at least once a week making left turns for 25 cents for three hours. 

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Warren Miller: Skiing With Aloha

Filmmaker Warren MillerOn the big Island of Hawaii there is an observatory at 14,000 feet above sea level. For a short time during the winter there is a fairly good-sized snowfield and considerable lack of oxygen to climb back to the top of that snowfield after you ski down it. 

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Warren Miller: Once They Were New

Filmmaker Warren MillerI’ve been very lucky to have pointed my cameras at dozens of brand-new ski resorts in America and Europe starting way back in 1947 when I shot footage with my 8mm camera at a brand-new ski resort in Colorado called Aspen. 

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Warren Miller: Remembering The Washington Slush Cup

Filmmaker Warren MillerAfter personally narrating my fourth annual feature-length ski film in Seattle in October, 1953, my sponsor, Scott Osborne, suggested I come up and film the Slush Cup on Mount Baker during the Fourth of July weekend the following summer. 

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Warren Miller: Midwest Skiing The Way It Was

Filmmaker Warren MillerDuring the 1950s and ‘60s the greatest expansion of ski resorts in America occurred. Squaw Valley, Vail, Keystone, Sugarbush, Heavenly Valley, Copper Mountain, Beaver Creek to mention just a few.

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Warren Miller: All About Lift Tickets And Inflation

Filmmaker Warren MillerWhile finishing up my autobiography, I decided to include some of my old cartoons from a book I published in the summer of 1947. It’s called “Are My Skis On Straight?” Two cartoons in particular pointed out rather clearly what inflation has done to skiing.

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Warren Miller: Around The World On Skis

Warren MillerIn New York City one afternoon, Stan Washburn, the 1950s-‘60s system promotion director for Pan American Airways, suggested that I ride Pan American Airlines around the world, take my skis along, and call my next movie “Around the World On Skis.” Stan was also the inventor of a ski-training, balancing board called the Bongo Board.

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Warren Miller: Santa And His Reindeer

Filmmaker Warren MillerIt is the time of the year when children all over the world are eagerly listening for Santa Claus and the clatter of his reindeer hoofs on their roof.

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Warren Miller: Wanderlust, Adventures Await

Filmmaker Warren MillerIn January of 1946, I was skiing at Badger Pass and staying at the Yosemite Lodge 12 miles away, down in the Valley. The accommodations were quite nice. They were 16- foot-wall tents with community showers down the way. It was there I got the motivation to travel the world with my skis and then later with skis and camera.

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Warren Miller: Celebrate Thanksgiving All Year

Filmmaker Warren MillerI don’t think Thanksgiving should only be celebrated one day each year. For me, Thanksgiving is a 365-day-a-year celebration for everything that has come one’s way.

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Warren Miller: No Such Thing As An Amateur Racer

Filmmaker Warren MillerThere is no such thing as an amateur ski racer.

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Warren Miller: You Want Your Ski? Go Get It

Filmmaker Warren MillerI have been asked many times if I could start a film company today and make it grow like it did when I started in 1950, with a borrowed 16mm camera and $100 from each of four friends to start the company.

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Warren Miller: Low Cost Of A Lift Ticket

Filmmaker Warren MillerI write a lot about the price of chairlift tickets, I know. Taken alone, they seem high but when one realizes that the chairlift ticket is the magic carpet to an amazing world of freedom, they are quite reasonable.

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Warren Miller: Remembering The 10th Mountain Vets

Filmmaker Warren MillerNov. 11 is Veterans Day and it’s time to take a moment and think about a lot of men and women who fought a war that’s virtually been forgotten in today’s chaotic world. In the winter of 1941 the Italians lost 25,000 soldiers in the mountains of Albania because of lack of winter warfare training, physical fitness, and lack of proper equipment.

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Warren Miller: A Cold Winter’s Night In Boston

Filmmaker Warren MillerIt was a very cold, winter’s night in downtown Boston. It was 20 degrees with the wind gusting about 20 miles an hour when I slipped and almost fell on the icy sidewalk. 


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Warren Miller: Ski Resort Jobs

Filmmaker Warren MillerThe rain has been slanting down here in the Northwest for the last three days. Last night when it blew 63 miles an hour it doesn’t take much intelligence to know that in a very short time the chairlifts will be starting up once again. 


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Warren Miller: Freeway To Skiing

Filmmaker Warren Miller

This is about unanticipated consequences that began for skiing in the middle 1950s. That was when Alex Cushing who owned Squaw Valley, California, put in a bid to host the Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley in 1960. 

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Warren Miller: Reliving Season Endings

Filmmaker Warren Miller

In the 73 years that I skied before I broke my back, I never had a bad day of skiing. Mentally, maybe, but I watched ski movies almost every day all summer long as I went through the editing process of my annual feature film. 


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Warren Miller: Stein Eriksen: The Pied Piper Of Skiing

Filmmaker Warren Miller

My friendship with Stein Eriksen goes back to the mid-1950s when he first appeared on the American ski scene as the ski school director at Boyne Mountain, Michigan. 

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