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Warren Miller is considered by most to be the pioneer or godfather of action sports films as his efforts were among the first to capture and share the excitement of extreme athletes. Much of what is now portrayed as extreme sports, which is a giant industry, originated from Warren's own life and entrepreneurial lifestyle as the original ski bum. He... is a man who followed his interests, saw and created opportunity, and then developed and grew a business that has spanned six decades and is known the world over. The Freedom Foundation was named in his honor for his extraordinary life and success as an entrepreneur. Aptly incorporating the word freedom, for which was and is Warren's goal as an entrepreneur: to accomplish both economic and personal freedom. He continues to write, speak, and promote entrepreneurship and the Freedom Foundation. More

Warren Miller: Why Do You Live Where You Live?

San Juan Island Harbor

I am always interested in why people choose to live where they do. 


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Warren Miller: Olympic Aspirations Are All In The Math

Pepi Stiegler

This is a mathematical problem that anyone who has completed an eighth grade math class should be able to easily solve: A ski racer in a downhill on today’s Olympic team will average 70mph from top to bottom.

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Warren Miller: Opening Day For Golf

Filmmaker Warren Miller

What a difference a month can make in the weather. No driving rain or snow racing horizontal at 60 miles an hour. 

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Warren Miller: Oh Dark Thirty

Filmmaker Warren Miller

Up until recent years I always got out of bed very early. It started when I got my first morning paper route at the age of 13.

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Warren Miller: Write Your Own Bio Now

Warren Miller

I have 21 feet of three-ring binders full of stories and memorabilia that I am trying to digest into my biography, and my bookshelf spans the years between 1924 and whenever I finish reducing it to readable size. 


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Warren Miller: My High Flying Act

Warren Miller

Long before commercial airlines had jet airplanes, I had logged about a million miles or so, sitting midway between four propellers that got me from A to B through storms back then, instead of above them. Often the ride was rough.  

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Warren Miller: If You Don't Like The Weather...

Mountain Weather

In 1947 I made the unconscious decision to spend my winters anywhere there was enough snow to turn those weird things attached to my feet. During that time I have seen all kinds of unusual weather conditions. I watched four feet of snowfall on Big Sky, Mont., the last week of June. 

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Warren Miller: I Call It Memorabilia

Endurance in Antarctica

On the wall over my drawing board, beside my desk in my office in our home, on the side of a ski hill, 100 feet from the chair lift, hangs lots of memorabilia. Each of these conjures up images of stuff that I have done or photos of faraway places that I would like to have visited when I was a lot younger and stronger.

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Warren Miller: It’s Time For Power Boating, Windsurfing

Windsurfing Columbia River Gorge

I had used my surfboard, skis, sailboats, and now windsurfing to lead me through life up until this time. I had a very deluxe camera boat that I earned working for Dave Slickers on a sailing film, and had never used it very much in the past .

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Warren Miller: Killy, TV, And Me

Jean Claude Killy

After Jean Claude Killy, who is a super guy and a friend to this day, had won his three gold medals in the Olympics, the company was approached by a slick sports personality agent, to produce a 13-week TV series of him skiing all over the world. 


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Warren Miller: A Hard-Earned Lesson

Wild Side

When I produced “Ski on the Wild Side” in the ‘60s, it was a major mistake. For the first time, I started to believe some of the very favorable press releases about my work (written by me, of course). 

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Warren Miller: Teaching Gidget To Ski

Kathy Kohner (Gidget)

A casual conversation can later have a lot of unanticipated consequences. 

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Warren Miller: More Ski Tours


Zurs ski areaLast week I left you in the middle of my short career as a ski tour director all over Europe. 


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Warren Miller: Ski Jumping On A Hot September Night

Sepp Benedikter

Sepp Benedikter was a famous Austrian ski instructor who, for some reason, spent a lot of years in Southern California converting sun worshipers to skiers.  

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