Cover-SIlverton-Mounain Columbus Day in Colorado at Silverton. (Silverton Mountain)

Some of the images coming from the Rocky Mountain region have us excited, but also taking a double look! More snow will fall along some of the range, which we’ll discuss, and also how this winter looks to shape up.

Western U.S. & Canada

Several resorts have already picked up accumulations to kick off October and this trend will continue. Check out Silverton Mountain in the picture above and Purgatory below.

Snow piling up at Purgatory in Durango, Colorado. (Purgatory Resort)

Snow showers wind down by Thursday the 11th, but then another storm system will swing south Saturday and Sunday and drop another 3-6 inches. The immediate West coast will stay drier and warmer. Look for fresh snowfall for Loveland and Arapahoe Basin as they race to open.

Snowfall forecast into the weekend. (NOAA/NWS)

Eastern U.S. & Canada

Generally warm weather should slowly transition to *cooler* conditions with more opportunities for snow making. Rain and wind will move through the East Thursday the 11th then again Monday-Tuesday the 15th-16th. Each may knock down the colorful leaves for foliage, so check them out before it’s too late. The coldest days for testing snow guns will be Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday.

Winter Outlook

El Nino is still expected this winter. The warmer sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean are expected to bring wetter weather conditions to the southern tier of the United States. This would be good news for the Sierra Nevada range in California as well as the Four Corners in the West. So far, the forecast is to be generally warmer than average for most places through December. Remember, week-to-week changes bring differing weather. These outlooks predict a sum of the entire winter.

Previous 10 strongest El Nino events. Blue = snowier, brown = drier.  (NOAA)