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Winter Ziplining At Midwest Ski Areas

Boyne-Highlands-double-zipline-single-ride Boyne Highlands double zipline.

A few Michigan ski resorts have added a little zip to their attractions, literally.

Zip Lines have become a big addition at ski resorts across the country, especially in the western mountains and New England. They are just catching on in Michigan. Four ski areas now offer zipline tours, but only two in winter. This season, with the Covid restrictions in place and having to spend most of the day outside anyway, this offers an alternative to outdoor activity and helps break up the day's activities.

Less expensive to install than a new lift, these series of cables offer a unique experience as you are harnessed in and attached to the zip cable for a speedy descent of the mountain where you can reach speeds up to 30 mile-per-hour in some cases.

In Michigan Boyne Mountain and Boyne Highlands, offer a solid experience of multiple stations and thrilling tours that take close to an hour-and-half to complete.

Boyne Mountain’s zipline tour encompasses 4,300 feet with 9 stations and takes up to three hours to complete. Boyne Highlands zipline tour features 7 stations and travels 3,350 feet. The cost is $66 per person for the complete guided tour at either resort. If you have limited time the Highlands does offer a twin zip experience for $25 that takes about a half-hour. Reservations must be made in advance online.

They seem to be slow to catch on with Heartland ski areas. There are four other ski areas—Cannonsburg and Mt. Holiday in Michigan, Spirit Mountain, Minnesota, and Chestnut Mountain, Illinois—that do offer summer zip lining, but not winter.

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