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Why Multi-Passes - And the Crowds They Bring - Are Great for Skiing


I don’t usually get confused in public restrooms, but there I was in the men’s room at the Mangy Moose: totally stumped. It was December, Jackson Hole was beginning to see the storms of this winter’s historic snowfall, and the skiing was superb. Town morale should have been peaking. There in the urinal, however, was a bumper sticker to the contrary that read IKONnot Ski. I was immediately bummed. The attitude it reflects is pervasive: that multi-passes, specifically Ikon and Epic, are bad for skiing and bad for ski towns.

If you do actually live in a ski town, and you bemoan tourist visitation, you are a hypocrite. First, please stop this elitist, radder-than-thou attitude toward beginners—we need new skiers. Nick Sargent, who heads up the Snowsports Industries of America, told the trade paper SGBOpens in a new Window. as much last year: “Next to climate, participation is our biggest threat.”

Second, ski towns have an economy 100 percent based on the tourist dollar—we need crowds. Complaining about tourists is like the petulant server, angry that their restaurant is full. Patronage is entirely the point. And guess what? Before you moved to town, you visited for the first time once, too.

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