skiing-during-covid-us-02 Long lines at the mountain's base and elsewhere did not go unnoticed, a change resulting from social distancing requirements.

Cold feet: This was my biggest concern.

"So you'll wear toe warmers. Or we'll buy you heated boots. Or you'll go to the car to warm up when you need a break."

That comment was from my husband, Steve, who'd been obsessing about getting (back) on the mountain since approximately March when a trip to Zermatt, Switzerland, was cut short amid frightening news of a raging pandemic.

Eager to log as many days snowboarding as possible, Steve remained undeterred by the ski resorts' mounting coronavirus protocols. Safety measures vary by resort, but may include a reservation requirement, mandated mask-wearing, social distancing rules, and limited use of any and all indoor facilities.

Chris Linsmayer with Colorado Ski says some resorts in Colorado "are encouraging using the car as a home base." He says it's potentially a good place to eat lunch.

This concept of the vehicle as home base added to my reservations around skiing during coronavirus.

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