Powder-Alliance-Sugar-Bowl How many freshies can you track in a season? Find out with Power Alliance pass. (Sugar Bowl/Facebook)

With a boffo snow year all across the nation, the multi-resort season passes earned their keep in 2018-2019 as skiers and riders hop-scotched around. Now, those same passes are up for sale for next season.

In the West, choice and selection is the emphasis of season passes that allow pass-holders unlimited time on slopes owned by the season pass sponsor, and up to a week on so-called “partner resorts.”

Breckenridge is one of Epic Pass flagship resorts. (Breckenridge/Facebook)

Utah's Brighton is one of 14 resorts with unlimited runs on Ikon Pass. (Brighton/Facebook)

Industry giants Vail Resorts (Epic Pass) and Alterra Mountain (Ikon Pass) dominate the market because, collectively, they own 21 North American resorts and offer one pass for all.

Both have also decided to offer regional passes – like the Epic Local, Tahoe Local and Ikon Base – to further appeal to those who stay closer to home. Vail Resorts introduced the flexiible Epic Day Pass that covers one to seven days at Vail-owned resorts, and at a few partners.

Massive Jackson Hole highlights the seventh year of Mountain Collective. (Jackson Hole/Facebook)

Stick around the southern tier of the Rockies with Power Pass. (Arizona Snowbowl/Facebook)

Here's a recap of the others, which are currently on sale at their lowest prices: