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Waterville Valley’s Onewheel Brings Snowboarding Feel To Summer Slopes

Onewheelbridgeride-Waterville-Valley Waterville Valley’s Onewheel Experience Center is the first of its kind on the East Coast. (Waterville Valley)

If you’re missing that feeling of floating over mountain trails this time of year, New Hampshire’s Waterville Valley has just the fix: the Onewheel, a motorized wheeled board that just may be as close to the feeling of snowboarding as you can get in the summer.

“One of the cool things is taking a hard carve in the sand - its just like a big powder slash. That felt awesome, that felt like a big powder curve,” Waterville Valley’s Matt Hesser told us. “If you ski or snowboard and are comfortable with edges, I would say the learning curve is definitely shorter.”

Guided lessons begin in a field to get the hang of the Onewheel. (Waterville Valley)

The Onewheel has a motor, so although they aren’t allowed on White Mountain National Forest land, riders have numerous options in the valley, including private and town land as well as local roads, fields, and cross-country trails at the resort.

The Onewheel Experience Center in Waterville Valley’s Town Square offers guests demos, lessons, tours, trail rides, and retail. You can earn skill certifications through a progressive lesson program. As you demonstrate your skill level, instructors match tour experiences that maximize the thrill and freedom the Onewheel can offer.

Skiers and snowboards will love the feel of the ride. (Waterville Valley)

“I’ve always dreamt of snowboarding year-round,” said Onewheel Founder and CEO, Kyle Doerksen. “By partnering with Waterville Valley, Onewheel is bringing that feeling of snowboarding on powder to the summer slopes in New England. It’s a natural extension of the Onewheel brand and an incredible place to ride.”

An app on the Onewheel allows experienced riders to tweak the experience for tighter or looser turns, to adjust to your riding style. “There is also a part call My Ride. You can track the ride to see where they went, how fast they went, how far they went, and its actually mapped,” Hesser told us.

Guided experiences range from $30-$50. Riders start with the Green Circle Intro to Onewheel, the first experience on a set course and can graduate to the Blue Square experience, taking them on grass hills, Corcoran Pond beach and gravel. The Black Diamond experience takes riders on to Noridc trails and the “Make Your Own Ride” puts the customer in ultimate control while making sure they stay safe and within the limits allowed by the National Forest.

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