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Waterville Valley’s New Green Peak Trail Names

Waterville Valley’s New Green Peak Trail Names

Headed to Green Peak. (Waterville Valley)

Ever wonder what the story is behind the names of your favorite ski trails? In celebration of New Hampshire’s newest trails, more than 600 people submitted trail name ideas and the stories behind them for Waterville Valley’s Green Peak trail name contest. Winners were chosen based on the character of the trail and the story behind it.  

Waterville Valley Green Peak trail signs

Named in honor of Kathy Chandler, Kathy is in the Waterville Valley Hall of Fame 2016, U.S. Disabled Snow Sports Hall of Fame 2012 (formerly the Disabled Ski Hall of Fame), founder of the first adaptive skiing program at Waterville Valley, founder of Ability Plus, Adaptive Coordinator for PSIA-e (Adaptive Division), PSIA certified examiner for both alpine and adaptive divisions. 

Named in honor of Keith Sutherland, Katherine McClellan said, "Keith worked at Waterville Valley for many years. Keith worked his way up to Head of Snow Surfaces and Mountain Manager. He dedicated many hours to Waterville Valley, and he was part of the planning of Green Peak before retiring.  He was always at the mountain in the morning, checking in to make sure everything was running."

Named in honor of Jean Brosseau, Kim Kelly said, "Jean has sat on her stool at the cafeteria with all of her jewels for many years, always ready to help regulars and new visitors alike." But employees watch out!  She won’t let you get away with anything out of line. The name "Mean Jean" is fitting for such a rugged trail.

Named in honor of Wayne Wong, Pamela Turner said, "Inspiring to young and old alike, Wayne Wong set the bar for freestyle skiing in the East and, in particular, at Waterville Valley. Elegant and strong, he demonstrated a type of skiing that embraced the poetry of ballet and encompassed the strength of an athlete. He was a joy to watch, a pleasure to be around, and a mentor to many future and aspiring freestyle skiers. He brought both class and character to Waterville and is a part of the history of Mount Tecumseh."

Named in honor of Butch Cushing, lift operations value and expectation of excellence goes as far as military grade shaving standards for all lift attendants. Trail 55 has a very clean fall line all the way down and it is going to be a perfectly graded slope. In honor of Butch, this trail will be of the highest standards, and definitely Clean Shaven.

Named in honor of Paul Pfosi, the original director of the Waterville Valley Snowsports School in 1968. He also ran a lodge in the Valley called Pfosi's Lodge. Trail 56 is a trail you can accidentally end up on if you don't pay attention, a Pfolly you may want to make on purpose.

Named in honor of Governors John H. Sununu and Chris Sununu. The family tradition started here when John H. Sununu was the Governor of New Hampshire (1983 - 1989) and would bring the family to ski every winter. The trail name also honors the current (2017) New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu who spearheaded the new Green Peak Expansion when he served Waterville Valley as CEO.

Named in honor of Lenny Emery, Richard and Ellie Scherr said, "To Lenny, there was never a bad day of skiing at Waterville Valley.  From the opening day in November to Closing in April, he'd never miss "first chair"- often recording 120+ days of skiing.  If it rained, when asked how it was to Lenny "it was a great day."  When there was bullet proof ice, to Lenny "it was a great day of firm skiing."

Named in honor of Richard "Dick" Calvert who was born on June 11, 1923, and is one of the oldest ski racers in New England. He is also the last of his WWII 10th Mountain Division to continue ski racing. 

Name in honor of William "Bill" Feather, Bill was in ski patrol for 22 years: Assistant Director 2001-2005; Director 2005-2016; PSPA - for 22 years, and Instructor Trainer for 9 years.  His legacy will live on as his trail sign guides future generations. 

BONUS:  Preston's Path
Named in honor of Nick and Suzi Preston, Dennis Evgenov said,“Nick was a long time freestyle coach at BBTS at Waterville. He has dedicated his life to the mountain and the Sport. Skiing is his passion, and where ever he might be, Waterville is always him home mountain. He also has seen great success as a coach. He has coached many Olympic hopefuls, and a two time Olympic medalist Hannah Kearney. Here at Waterville they both helped pioneer the sport of freestyle skiing, and it is only logical to name a trail after this dynasty of skiers since Waterville does boast to be the "Birthplace of Freestyle skiing."

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