WachusettWachusett Mountain Ski Area and UMass Memorial Health Care have teamed up to promote a multi-tiered Skier & Snowboarder Safety Program this season. The launch of the season-long initiative coincides with a major nationwide safety awareness program in January coordinated by the National Ski Areas Association.


The Wachusett/UMass Memorial program is anchored by a new safety video, which the two organizations premiered this season that highlights the Skier/Snowboarder Responsibility Code, a list of seven common sense practices designed to help skiers and snowboarders reduce risk on the slopes. 

“For long-time skiers and riders, the Code may be common sense, but perhaps taken for granted,” Wachusett’s Tom Meyers told SnoCountry.com. We feel an obligation with all of the beginners and children out there to reinforce the Code so it becomes ingrained. We came up with the Know the Code contest to keep it top of mind with all of the kids on the slopes.”

Meyers added that they did have a little fun creating the video featuring a bear that sometimes makes bad choices on the slopes. “Safety can be a fairly dry subject, and although we want guests to take the rules seriously, we wanted to have some fun with it too.”

Wachusett will be promoting the video to all of its children’s program participants.  “This was our first week for the after-school programs,” Meyers said, “and we got on every bus to tell the kids that the number one message on the slopes is safety.” Links to the video are also featured on several pages on Wachusett’s website. 

As part of the program UMass Memorial also has new lift tower signs and several safety banners located throughout the mountain reminding guests to follow the Responsibility Code. The Safety Program also includes several fun contests throughout the winter season promoting skier/snowboard safety:Wackiest Safety Program

Photos: Skiers and riders can enter the UMass Memorial Safety Contest at Wachusett with photos by the new Safety Banners. (Liz Couchon, Karl Aider)