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Wachusett Nearing 100 Percent Open Thanks To Recent Cold Temps


Wachusett's guns are blazing. (Wachusett)

With ideal snowmaking temperatures Wednesday and Thursday, Wachusett Mountain has jumped to more than 70 percent of its terrain now open and plans to be close to 100 percent by Monday.

Snowmaking is going around the clock thanks to the mountain’s $2 million pumping expansion last season allowing the central Massahcusetts ski area to make more snow quicker than ever before.

The mountain can pump more than 8,000 gallons per minute - literally burying a trail overnight when temperatures are optimal.

Wachusett’s snowmaking pumping expansion last year doubled the mountain’s pumping capacity from 4000 to 8000 gallons per minute – meaning snowmaking crews can cover two trails overnight with a foot of snow on each.

Their efforts are also more energy efficient – allowing more snow to be made overnight when temps are colder, rather than making snow while guests are skiing. The expansion also included adding over 40 computer controlled HKD tower guns on Ralph’s Run that will monitor temperature and humidity make adjustments automatically to increase output and improve quality.

All this snowmaking comes at a perfect time as Wachusett is getting ready for the important Christmas holiday week.

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