’s Bromley Mountain is looking to make getting on the snow even easier for kids this winter. New for 2015-16 is a learn to ski or ride package called the Super Duper 6-Pack that comes with free skis or a snowboard.

For $649, kids ages 5 to 14 begin their season with a pair of Rossignol Terrain Boy skis with bindings, or a Burton Chopper or Custom Smalls board and bindings to keep and six full-day KidsRule Mountain Camp lessons. After completing the six-lesson series, students will earn a 2015-16 Bromley season pass to practice and enjoy all those great techniques they've learned on the slopes.

Bromley Kids“We want to make it easier to learn, to get into the sport. Unlike soccer or baseball that become spectator sports for most when you are older, skiing and riding is a lifetime participatory sport," Bromley’s Jeff Blumenfeld told

All levels of skiers and riders are invited to participate, from never evers to experts.

The $649 6-pack of lessons in itself is an excellent deal; each full day of Kidsrule Mountain Camps retails for $159 ($179 if you need to rent equipment). That's a savings of $305 on lessons alone. Add in a pair of skis or snowboard with bindings, plus a season pass, and it's a real deal. A Junior Season Pass alone retails for $650.

KidsRule Mountain camps combine safety, education and fun. Bromley’s terrain is gentle and forgiving with long, looping intermediate runs popular with families and beginners. Their terrain based learning approach puts an emphasis on fun, making for confident kids on the slopes. The program includes: instruction, hot cocoa breaks, lunch, and lift ticket for the day.

WHAT: Bromley Super Duper 6-Pack

PRICE: $649

INCLUDES: Free skis or sbowboard, lessons, a season pass, and discounts on boots, poles, and acessories

Photos: The Bromley Mountain Super Duper 6-Pack program for winter 2015-16 includes a pair of skis or snowboards for students to keep. (Bromley); Lifetime snowsports lovers are in the making at Bromley. (Bromley)