Cannon Mt.U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) ski racers from across the east will benefit from a newly designated USSA Training Site with the Mittersill race and training venue at Cannon Mountain Ski Area in Franconia, N.H. 

The venue is the result of a partnership between the USSA and the State of New Hampshire, Franconia Ski Club and Holderness School — all of which have a rich history in the sport. Aggressive project timelines may allow for on-snow training as early as the 2015-16 season, and the venue will impact thousands of USSA alpine racers in the east.

“Cannon Mountain and Mittersill have such a rich legacy in New England skiing and racing.” said USSA President and CEO Tiger Shaw, “The Mittersill training site is an outstanding example of how the USSA can partner with local clubs and academies to bring added value to athletic programs that will impact a broad range of athletes.”

Chip Knight, USSA Alpine Development Director, said “The Mittersill training site is a unique opportunity for grassroots and elite developing USSA athletes to have access to a high-caliber, dedicated training site located in the east. It’s really exciting to think of aspiring young skiers making repeated quality laps in three events, and how that training volume will translate into better USSA athletes down the road.”

Photo: Cannon Mountain's Mittersill race arena becomes designated USSA Training Site. (Cannon Mt.)