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Top 10 Reasons To Love The Stickney Cabin At Bretton Woods

Stickney Cabin

I keep getting drawn back to my love affair with the Stickney Cabin at Bretton Woods.  We made it over there for it's opening day for the season on New Year's Eve day,  and we've been back every ski day since. 


1. Easy enough to get to for just about anyone.  It used to be that you had to hike into the trails to get to the Stickney Glades, but with last year's addition of the Telegraph T-bar, it's an easy ski down the Two Miles Home trail from the top of the Rosebrook Summit Express Quad.


2. New Nordic trails. I must confess, I have been having such a great time alpine skiing with my kids this season that I have yet to strap on the skinny skis.  But I know I've got to make some time to check out the new cross-country trails just cut this summer above the cabin.  


3. Riding the T-bar.  In an age of faster-is-better, it's a fun change of pace to use this low-tech means of transportation to get up the hill.  Just rest back and let it pull you along.


4. Roasting marshmallows at the outdoor fireplace.  For just a dollar or two, the kids are in seventh heaven as we grab a stick from the outdoor stash and create just enough melty goodness to keep everyone happy.


5. Getting away from the crowds.  Even on a busy holiday or Saturday, a trip up here is like having your own Mount Stickney private club.  I love the rustic cabin feel, nestled in the snowy woods, warming up as the kids recount our best runs of the day so far.


6. Stickney Glades laps. Although we haven't had quite enough snow this year to open up the Stickney Glades, these trails promise a spectacular romp through the woods when the snow gods do bless us.  And thanks to the new T-bar, you don't have to head all the way back down to the base for another run.  The T-bar ride will offer you just enough rest to catch your breath before another plunge down through the trees.


7. The view back to Mount Rosebrook.  If there's any question about the amount of terrain you can cover at Bretton Woods, just take a look back up at Mount Rosebrook from the cabin.  


8. Great food and drinks at reasonable prices.   Hot chocolate for the kids, beer for Dad, and a local cheese and sausage plate for us all to share, and everyone is happy.  They've also got some hot soups on Saturdays and nice big cookies.  Don't forget to bring some cash - the cabin is solar powered and they don't take plastic.


9. Friendly staff.  Kris and Kyle are the regulars at the cabin, and they do everything from hauling up water for hot drinks to stoking the indoor and outdoor fireplaces to keep everyone warm and toasty on their break.  And they do it with a genuine smile.  


10. Chatting with other skiers and riders.  In this quiet getaway, I've found that it's a perfect place to strike up a conversation with the other group that's sitting on the other side of the fireplace from me.  Being here, I know we share a passion for the outdoors and an appreciation for a few simple pleasures.  You can't help but want to share in the knowledge of such a special place.


Photo: Stickney Cabin, Bretton Woods, N.H. 

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