Tiger and Lindsey

It’s not even Valentine’s Day and the snow is heating up with rumors that golf star Tiger Woods and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn are a twosome.


Apparently the well-photographed pair have been an item since November and some reports say they took a romantic holiday together in Antigua. Who knew? 


A source told the Hollywood Reporter the two met through the “ski community. Woods is an active skier and the Reporter says Lindsey has been teaching his kids, Sam and Charlie, how to ski.


Still another source told Star magazine that the pair was “getting serious.” That same source noted “their busy schedules mean they don’t get a lot of time together, but they constantly talk on the phone.”


Of course, all this means discounting the other “big story” that Tiger re-proposed to ex Elin Nordegren over the holidays. Woods, you may remember (or not), was involved in a widely-publicized sex scandal. But, we won’t go there.


Just thought you’d like to know. 


Photos: Reuters