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Talisker, Vail Resorts Issue Eviction Order To Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort

UPDATE 8/30/13: Vail Resorts has told Park City Mountain Resort it will not interfere with PCMR's resort operations for the 2013-14 season. This is in light of the eviction notice Talisker Land Holdings/Vail Resorts slapped on PCMR Wednesday.


“…there is no intent by Talisker to take any action that would prevent PCMR's ability to operate their resort during the upcoming 2013-2014 ski season. We are very cognizant of the importance of this situation to the entire Park City community and we look forward to bringing this situation and its uncertainty to a conclusion,” wrote Kelly Ladyga, Vail Resorts vice president for corporate relations in a prepared statement. 


She also noted in that statement that Vail Resorts has assumed oversight of the litigation between Talisker Land Holdings LLC and Park City Mountain Resort.


ORIGINAL STORY: Talisker Land Holdings, LLC, (TLH) slapped Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) with an eviction notice Wednesday.  

The notice provides PCMR five days to vacate the land and 60 days to clear out all personal gear that’s not attached to the land. The documents state that PCMR is a tenant and the lease is being terminated.


PCMR calls this a move by Vail Resorts (VR) because the documents were signed by Fiona Arnold, manager of “Talisker Land Resolution, LLC.” who is a Vail Resorts executive vice president and attorney.


VR recently signed a long-term lease deal with Talisker to operate Canyons Resort. But, this is the first time VR has been publicly linked to the lawsuit by one of the litigants.


PCMR President and General Manager Jenni Smith, wrote in a statement Wednesday night: "Vail's eviction notice is nothing more than a bald-faced attempt to circumvent the litigation already in process and interfere with our business. We will not give in to Vail's bullying and intend to conduct business as usual for the 2013-14 season.”


TLH cites PCMR’s attempt to backdate the lease letter as a “tactic to deceive a business partner.” 


The document goes on to read: "Despite us not receiving a fair rent from you, we have made every effort to be constructive and patient… because we know how important this situation is to the community. Unfortunately this is no longer just a good faith disagreement, but a question of how you have chosen to do business.”


TLH says PCMR’s upper ski lifts and other improvements attached to the land will belong to Talisker and, if they refuse to comply, they will face an unlawful detainer claim in court.


PCMR leases approximately 3,700 acres of the resort's terrain from Talisker Land Holdings. However, the base area, parking lots, Town Lift base and a portion of ski terrain on the lower mountain are owned by PCMR and are not part of the lease.


SnoCountry.com has been following this on-going dispute between major destination resorts and competitors for some time. Click here for the most recent article.


Photo: Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) 







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