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Streetvibe Takes Over Snow Fashions For 2014: Here's Our Preview

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There’s a darkside, streetvibe around the bend for snow fashion in 2014. Some of you will love the move away from the “Look at Me” coats imprinted with wild patterns and bold blocks of color at the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colo.


As consumer brands like Redbull and J.Crew look to the ski and snowboard industry for inspiration, skiwear manufacturers are looking to urban designers for theirs. 


Companies like Marmot and Quiksilver are installing “mountain concept stores” in the heart of visitor traffic but away from resort base areas; recognizing that non-skiers will also dig their goods. Burton’s men’s and women’s lines for next year feature muted reds, browns and grays in identical lumberjack styles so that it’s all basically unisex clothing.


Fashion 14

Look for four themes to emerge in outwear next season. The first is a style that allows other cultures to influence our own. The designs embrace the military look along with the wild decorum of foreign countries like Tibet, Russia, and tribesmen of the north.


We’ll see reds, purples and deep blues, Baroque tapestries and Russian florals making their mark- especially in the snowboard market.


We’ll see reds, purples and deep blues, Baroque tapestries and Russian florals making their mark- especially in the snowboard market.


Another theme will reflect the darker side of winter with more neutral colors, grays, white, twilight blues, and marble prints. Look for silver and matte as well.


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The third influence stems from the eco-performance, Zen, meditation and peace that you might find in the backcountry. The colors are soft – rose, baby pink, bone. 


 Finally, if you can’t let go of yesterday, the crazy, colorful, kidlike designs are alive and well in the junior market. Playful geometric patterns, blocking and candy store colors will toe the line between good and bad taste.


As for styles, jackets remain long in both the ski and snowboard markets and pants are loose-fitting but, with the exception of Burton, women look like women; even when clothes are made by a snowboarding backcountry brand like Dakine.


The best news of all for 2014 outerwear: Suspenders are worn over the shoulders where they’re supposed to be rather than left to dangle at jibber hips. One small step for mankind. Hooray.  


Click to see a slideshow of Jill's photos from the SIA Fashion Show.


Editor’s Note: Jill Adler was on hand in Denver to cover the SnowShow for SnoCountry.com. Her blog, PCSkiGal, appears regularly here. 


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