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Storm Juno Leaves Northeast Ready For Amazing Weekend

Storm Juno at Sunday RiverDespite all the media hype over Storm Juno, there are some very happy skiers and riders heading to the hills in the Northeast in its wake.

“This isn’t the kind of snow we usually get in New England; light fluffy snow,” OpenSnow.com’s Brian Clark told SnoCountry.com. “Going into the weekend is looking ideal. We’re in a pattern that should stay cold but active, with a Clipper coming in later in the week and maybe something early next week.”

“The storm is doing better down south, but at the major resorts, anything is good,” Clark added. He explained that although the storm stayed a little more compact and a little more east than originally expected, Massachusetts was right on target.

“If I could pick one mountain for vertical and snow, it would be Wachusett,” Clark told us.

Wachusett powder after JunoWachusett’s Tom Meyers agrees, with 30 inches on the ground when we talked with him Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately for Wachusett fans, the Massachusetts state travel ban Tuesday kept powder hounds from hitting the slopes while it was coming down.

“Whenever we get calls asking if we are open during a snowstorm, we answer by saying, ‘Do they close the beach when the sun comes out?’ Well, they closed the beach,” Meyers told us.

Despite the frustration of not being able to open on a rare New England powder day, the good news is that the 30 inches that fell on Tuesday will be still waiting for skiers and riders, on top of the eight inches that fell last Saturday.

Meyers noted that with 42-inch base depths before the storm, after the powder hounds enjoy the snow and it’s all groomed out they’ll probably have another foot to add to their base. “This will give our snowmakers a well-deserved rest. Now its up to the skiers and snowboarders to come out and enjoy it. We are set up for an ideal February. This is what we live for, bring it on.”

Pats Peak after Storm JunoAbout a foot has fallen at Pats Peak in southern New Hampshire. “There’s a lot of excitement around big storms like this. You could even tell from last weekend, people have been waiting for a big storm,” Pats Peak’s Lori Rowell told us. “They’ll have plenty of time to dig out in Boston to make it here for a great weekend.”

Pats Peak will host its edition of the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge for the 25th year this Sunday, and they even moved up the start times so everyone can get in their race and enjoy the awards party before the Super Bowl kickoff Sunday.

Photos: Top -- 18 inches fell at Sunday River in 48 hours. (Sunday River/Facebook); Left -- Wachusett pow piles it on (Wachusett) and (Right) Pats Peak snowboarders enjoyed a powder day thanks to Blizzard 2015. (Pats Peak); Bottom -- Epic powder makes for dream skiing at Sunday River after Juno swept through (Sunday River)


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