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Spring Is Here! Will Snow Return?


A warm up across the country this week and then maybe back to more snow next week.


Colorado: The rest of the week will be warm, with a return of snow on Saturday night and Sunday.


Tahoe: Not much happening except sun and warm temperatures. The 3rd and 4th weeks of April might become more active. Maybe. We'll see.


Utah: Enjoy the warm weather this week! Light snow could return over the weekend, but the deepest snow will fall on Colorado.


Northwest: High elevation snow Tuesday night, then a bit more over the weekend. Perhaps more consistent wet/snowy weather during the middle and end of next week.


New England: Spring is here with the higher elevations favored for any remaing snow. The best sunny, spring-skiing days will be Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun.


If there's a chance of snow, we're forecasting ... at least through April:-)  Check the National Forecast to see where April snow will fall.

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