SoldierMTB The bike park will open with 7.7 miles of trails, ranging in difficulty from easy to extreme.

Soldier Mountain opened its new mountain bike park this past Friday, after a raging wildfire last summer prevented the park’s 2020 grand opening. 

"We're excited to be opening our bike park," said Soldier Mountain general manager Paul Alden. "These trails are built to world-class standards, and we look forward to being the preferred local mountain-biking destination for riders of all ages and abilities.”

Soldier Mountain was all set to celebrate the park’s grand opening Aug. 7, 2020. Instead, on Aug. 6—around the same time a new ownership group had finalized its acquisition of the ski area—it was forced to evacuate staff and close its access road as the Phillips wildfire ravaged the property. The fire blazed directly under the main lift, causing damage to its comm line, haul rope, and chair slats. The bridge that provides the only access to the resort was destroyed, along with snowmaking equipment and a conveyor lift. 

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