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SnoCountry SnoCast: Winter Storm Finishes The SnoCast Season

SnoCountry SnoCast: Winter Storm Finishes The SnoCast Season

(Yes, this is really the end of April at Lake Louise Ski Resort in Alberta, Canada with nearly 145cm this month. Similar scenes will overtake the Rockies as yet another snowstorm finishes the month of April. (Lake Louise Ski Resort/Twitter)

Believe it or not, we’ll be turning the calendar into May with a bonafide snow storm for part of the Rockies and upper Midwest.

This outlook and forecast is for the week of Wednesday, April 26 through Monday, May 1, 2017.  (Head to the bottom of this blog to check out what ski areas are still open)



A very interesting weather pattern sets up for the U.S. this week. Unusually cold air plunges in across the West and northern Plains states, while very warm air surges up the East coast.

 Temperature outlook over the 5 day stretch of April 26 through May 1 (tropicaltidbits.com)

In the middle, the result is a powerful storm system that will bring heavy snow to the Rockies, and extend northeastward toward Minnesota and the upper Midwest. This system will also bring the threat of severe weather and flooding for the country’s mid-section, but for our sake, we’ll focus on where the snow falls.

Light to moderate snow will continue to fall across the Cascades and Rockies Thursday. Look for a more intense period of snow to develop over Wyoming’s mountains Friday, then shift southward into Colorado Friday night into Saturday. This will be a base to peak snow, with even the lower valleys/Plains of Colorado picking up accumulating snowfall.

Model forecast snowfall through the end of the weekend (WeatherBell.com)

How much are we talking? While tough to pinpoint, it’ probably 10" or more for the ski areas still open across Colorado. Utah’s mountains will also bring in new snow, probably squeezing out 5”+ or more. Snowbird is the lone standing ski area still open in Utah, so this will be a great addition to the 1-2 feet picked up earlier in the week.

Looks like these same areas will stay in an active pattern through the first several days of May. For the Sierra Nevada range, no significant storms are forecast. For the east, it looks like a done deal with Spring fully in swing.

This is the last SnoCast update of the season. I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed these weekly forecast updates. Enjoy what the season has left to offer. I’ll see you on the slopes next season, snow lovers.

-Meteorologist Kerrin Jeromin

Wondering who is still open? Here's the complete of who's still turning chairs by region:

In the Rockies, click here 

In the Northwest, click here  

In the Southwest, click here  

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To see all the ski areas open in Canada click here  

Looks like all Southeast and Midwest ski areas are done for the season.

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