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SnoCast: Colder Plunge for the West; Fickle in the East

SpiritMountain_TW_101820 Spirit Mountain in Minnesota remains in a colder than average pattern with many chances for snow ahead (Spirit Mountain/Twitter)

This week, we’ll see a much needed wetter and colder pattern develop for the west, while the east remains a battleground between autumn’s warm and cold snaps.




In the West, it’s about to turn more active and colder Friday through Monday. Beginning Friday, a potent storm system digs down from coastal British Columbia and Washington, bringing snow to B.C.’s Coast Range and the Cascades. The storm shifts southeast, delivering heavy snow to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming’s mountains through Saturday. Given the exceptionally cold air (by October standards), this storm will easily produce 4-12” of snow for most mountains to the bases, with 1-2 feet or more at the peaks. By Sunday and Monday, snow and cold digs even farther south to Utah, Colorado, and the southwest, though snow totals are more challenging to pinpoint this far out.  It’s likely these areas will also see moderate to heavy totals for October standards--which would be incredible news to suppress ongoing fires in Colorado, as well.  After this cold snap through early Tuesday, temperatures will begin to warm again for the west through next week and weekend.



The Midwest and Great Lakes region benefit from the dip in temperature along with the west. After a very snowy week, including the first terrain park to open at Wild Mountain, waves of snow will continue. As one round of steady snow wraps up Thursday in the Midwest, cold air settles in to follow.  Chilly temperatures stick around through most of next week allowing many opportunities for snowmaking, and also natural snow again Sunday-Monday for Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and possibly northern Michigan.


Ski areas in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine got a cool 6-10” at the peaks last week, proving that even in a mild pattern, snow is possible and comes in for a sneak attack sometimes. We might have to deal with this a lot this winter, with the anticipated La Nina pattern impacts on the northeast. This week,, in an otherwise mild pattern, temperatures will dip briefly Sunday for northern New England. As warm air advances north once again Monday, Northern New England and Quebec could get a quick shot of snow showers before warmth overtakes the region. Colder air makes a run at New England again later next week (Oct. 29 and later), with a better chance for natural and manmade snow.


We’ll catch you each week for another edition of SnoCast throughout this winter season. For now, think snowy thoughts, and enjoy the views of fresh snow that recently fell in the northeast.





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