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Skibiking is Here

SkiBikes Ski school children check out Sno-Go skibikes at Sugarloaf ski resort.

Snow bikes have been offered at ski resorts out West for 20 years but have just reached Maine. The winter bikes are for rent at Sugarloaf and Sunday River.

Skibikes, also called snow bikes, have arrived in Maine — nearly 75 years after the first sit-ski bike was invented. Sugarloaf and Sunday River resorts are renting and selling the bikes this winter, marking the first time the modern skibike has been offered at ski areas here.

Sno-Go Skibikes, the brand that is available in Maine, are more ski than bike: They have no seats, no pedals, and no gears to adjust the speed. The idea is, as with skiing, to let gravity pull the riders over the snow and down the mountain, using the handlebars to guide the bike, and leaning to the inside — or mountain side — to carve into the snow, just as skiers or snowboarders would.

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