Ski Club of GB Guide

The Ski Club of Great Britain, which provides guiding services for its members in multiple countries, has pulled its 11 guiding programs out of France. The club is among the largest in the world.


The dispute comes from an action taken in Val d’Isere, France in April when a Ski Club Leader was stopped on the piste and questioned by gendarmes about his qualifications “to instruct, lead, or guide” under the French Code du Sport. The Leader has been requested to attend a preliminary court hearing in Albertville. All Ski Club Leaders are volunteers and are not renumerated.


The Ski Club issued a statement saying it “is fully behind the Leader and has appointed a local lawyer who concurrently is representing UK tour operators in relation to the ski hosting ban.” 


While the Guide program is off the table, or slopes, this winter, Ski Club officials said they will provide Ski Club Ambassadors to help members enjoy their trips. Ambassadors will meet with members at designated meeting points, make introductions and outline possible routes and itineraries for the day.


Club officials promised to provide updates on the French situation and will continue to operate guide programs in other Leader destinations.


Photo: Ski Club of Great Britain pulls guide programs in France (Ski Club of Great Britain)