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Ski Brule Remained Closed This Past Winter

Ski-Brule-fresh-snow-Facebook Ski Brule during normal winter operations.

For the first time in 65 years, Ski Brule, a longtime ski resort in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, did not open for the season.

The ski resort, which opened in 1956, remained closed for the entire season, and management feels it was the right decision for them, according to operations manager Jessica Polich.

“Had we put out the money for snow making operations and had not been able to operate at 100-percent capacity like normal, it would have significantly impacted the resort's financial future,” she told TV6 FoxUP News in an article. “With the risk of having to shut down due to Covid or restricted capacity limits, which did happen, the resort couldn't afford the impact.”

Ski Brule has a long history of being one of the first ski resorts to open in the Midwest and one of the last to close. For years they have been looking at the third weekend of April as typically the resort's last weekend of skiing, occasionally even spilling over into May. Dedicated snowmaking efforts provided a base that routinely lasted through six months.

"The financial investment of snowmaking is huge and the risk too great. We will not be making snow this winter and relying on natural snow to provide a decent base," the resort posted on their website last November.

“Unfortunately this year Mother Nature decided we needed to take a year off and re-coup,” Polich added to the article. “But, even though the resort wasn't able to open the staff stayed busy updating and renovating the lodge.”

The resort redid all the flooring, the walls, and carpeting giving it a general facelift for next ski season.

“We were getting it ready for years to come. We expect ski season to return next winter when Ski Brule will once again have one of the longest seasons around the Great Lakes,” she enthused.

Brule has 17 trails, two terrain trails, three terrain parks, and 11 lifts when fully open. The longest runs are up to a mile.

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