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Single-Day Focus, X-C New For Learn To Ski And Snowboard Month In 2019

LSSM-Family Teaching everyone to ski or ride brings families closer together. (Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month)

For the last decade, the U.S. ski and snowboard industry has designated January as the month when “never-evers” are targeted to try out the sport all across the nation – and do it at a bargain price.

And, LSSM is a prime opportunity for existing skiers and riders to convince a friend or family member to take up the sport so that all of them can spend winter weekends and holidays together.

Adults, especially women, take advantage of discounted/free beginner lessons. (Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month)

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month enters its 10th season as an industry-wide effort to increase participation in skiing and snowboarding. Hundreds of resorts across the country offer month-long discounted lesson-equipment-ticket packages, incentives such as free passes after completed lessons, and promotions and prizes on the side. Check your favorite resorts for specific offers.

This season, the LSSM organization has pinpointed a specific date – Jan. 11 – when resorts will hone in on getting as many beginners as possible in lessons with ski and snowboard instructors around the country. An added bonus will be whether LSSM participants can best the single-day record for beginner lessons of 6,000, set in 2016.

Lesson come in all sizes and varieties during January. (Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month)

Also new this season will be inclusion of cross-country centers and instructors in the program.

While cost, time and accessibility are often cited as reasons why folks don’t strap on skis or ‘boards, the promoters insist that a greater number of benefits await newcomers to the sport. Among them are:

  • Learning with a certified instructor is much easier than you think – versus having your friends try to teach you.
  • Group lessons can be intimidating, but most resorts offer some variety of private, family and friends-only, age-specific or women-only lessons.
  • The widespread use of snowmaking and grooming equipment produce beginner slopes that are smooth, soft and consistent throughout.
  • Not only are skiing and snowboard a convenient way to get into the out-of-doors, they also produce balance, strength, endurance and coordination.
  • Skiing and snowboarding are lifetime activities; many in their 70s and 80s still hit the slopes regularly – and get a cut on ticket prices to boot.

Skiing and 'boarding brings kids to out-of-doors, and gives them appreciation of nature. (Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month)

For more information on the program, click here. To find a participating resort near you, click on “Find Resorts” tab.

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