Sierra Sierra at Tahoe (Facebook)

After several dry seasons, many Lake Tahoe ski resorts rejoiced when they were hit with early snow that kicked off the ski season in October.

But Sierra at Tahoe was too damaged by the summer’s wildfires to open safely. And in fact, will be closed until at least early 2022. It is the first ski resort in the country to take a “direct hit” from wildfires, said Scot Rogers, district ranger with the Eldorado National Forest, where the resort is located and where the bulk of the Caldor fire damage took place

"As resorts are spinning their first chairs for the 2021/22 winter season, the yearning to join them in this historic, early opening runs deep here at Sierra. And while we’re stoked for our friends Mammoth Mountain, Palisades Tahoe + Boreal Mountain in this celebratory event, the daily grind to join the winter lineup continues at the place #WherePlayReignsFree," Sierra at Tahoe posted on their Facebook page. 
"We have substantial work ahead of us before we are able to announce our opening day for this season, and it is unlikely that we will open in 2021 — so we have set our sights on resuming operations in early 2022. With a delayed start to the season, the recent snow is a strong reminder of what we are working toward and we will not stop until we are all making laps on Grandview.
"When we return to Play, we want each and every one of you to be part of building the future of Sierra. We are working on opportunities for you to leave your mark + forever be a part of our story."