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PCSkiGal: Kids And Dogs In The Outdoors (Even The Indoors)

Outdoor Retailer ShowSage was an 0utdoor Retailer baby. Born August 2006; smack in the middle of the summer Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

I attended the outdoor demo day in 100-degree heat, hiking trails for the Magellan scavenger hunt, the next day I went inside to the Salt Palace Convention halls for meetings with the various manufacturers of outdoors equipment and by dusk the contractions hit. 

My first thought was hope I would have to cancel the rest of my meetings. At 7 a.m. I’m in the recovery room making phone calls to let everyone know I had my baby and I wouldn't be able to make my appointment.

All of this was magical and said to me Sage was meant to be part of my life and part of the outdoor world. I wheeled her stroller around more than 1,000 exhibitors at the 2007 Winter Show, breastfeeding in the bathroom and hunting for outdoor baby stuff to review. 

The Show is held twice a year and brings in an estimated $495 million to the Utah community- one largely comprised of kids and dogs. Sage has joined me at every OR since then helping me find the gear kids love, talking to companies for her own reports and getting to know the world she’ll grow up in.

Sage Adler OR PassImagine my surprise when I was stopped at check-in and politely told that working media could no longer bring kids to the show- “didn’t I get the memo?” My jaw dropped. 

The Outdoor Retailer show is not just about buyers and sellers of backpack and jackets. It's everything related to the outdoors- a description that grows and morphs by the minute. It’s biking, hiking, snowshoeing, paddleboarding, kitesurfing, Nordic and backcountry skiing, yoga, even ‘festival going’. 

These are things we participate in as families and yet I was told networking media shouldn’t have kids with them because they’re supposed to be working. My kid is my work!  

Perhaps this bearer of bad news has never been a working mother but Sage is a part of my team (and so’s my dog for that matter) and when my team is on the hunt for the best gear for the family it's all eyes on deck.

They let me bring Sage in because I presented proof of her junior reporting skills but I really hope that this policy in general doesn’t stick. 

Kids (and pets) are an important part of the outdoors and it's the media (attending the OR show) that can share and inspire that passion that perpetuates future explorers.

Check out our junior reporter Sage Adler's review of lightweight, waterproof shoes displayed at the OR show here.

Photos: Top -- Jill's pup Takoda tests the TUGG-a plastic ball that can be filled with water (Jill Adler); Left -- Kids, like our junior report Sage Adler, fight for credentials (Jill Adler)

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