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PCSkiGal: Deer Valley Opens With Annual Celebrity Fest

Deer Valley food at Celeb Ski festI did ski today. Day three. I got out at the crack of noon for Deer Valley's opening day. It was an honest mistake. Because it hadn't snowed in more than a week, and we’ve had record highs for this time of year, I didn't see the point in getting there for opening bell. 

But I forgot that you always want to hit DV for first chair (or even earlier if you’ve got $1,500 and eight friends for private guided skiing from 8-9 a.m. in their First Tracks program).

Unloading onto a fresh groomer is like watching your waiter approach your table with a decadent dessert. Initiate salivary glands. It makes no difference whether your turns are on fresh snow or manmade. They will be sweet.

Okay I missed it. By the time I got skiing most everything off Bald Mountain had been scraped off and pushed to the sides. I haven’t had enough time in my boots yet to use my edges, I thought. Skid, skid, skid, turn, was kind of the mantra down Bird’s Eye. 

I began to regret not getting up earlier. Still, the snow machines have managed to do their job covering DV’s most popular runs. I did not see dirt patches or twigs or rocks so that was good. Sterling, Carpenter, Wasatch are open but skiing is still restricted to the main runs directly off each lift.

Lift lines are non-existent so it was easy to turn the day into a trainer. I practiced carving, timing, looking ahead, pressuring the front of my boots, etc; all things that are necessary once the big snow flies.

I wouldn’t head off trail just yet. I hear they’re doing that over at Alta but there’s a difference between wrecking your rock skis by accident and willing them a beating. It won’t take long for coverage to settle in so I can wait.

Little Reb near the celebrity race course had these random moguls that brought a new challenge to the day. Each mound was soft and fluffy so it made more sense to turn on top of them rather than around them. My legs burned a little. I guess I’m not in shape for skiing.

I parked myself in the VIP tent to watch actors and former Olympians race each other in the Celebrity Ski Fest season opener. The 23rd annual event raises money for the Waterkeepers Alliance, but really it’s all about the camaraderie, the skiing and the food.

Actors at DV Celeb FestSaturday was the pro-am; Sunday, the televised celebrity race. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the day and actors like Gabrielle Cateris Camryn Manheim and Alicia Silverstone were happy to pose for photos (even with a black eye caused by her child).

Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad/Once Upon A Time) sat at my table and we chatted a bit about his long career which began on a New York stage at seven years old. Fifty-plus years later he’s got television shows and films in development and just finished up Maze Runner 2. Watch Giancarlo skiing here.

Take note, my Utah actor friends; he told me that if you “have chops” and you move to L.A. you can do better than the actors who are already there. Good luck!

He was a decent guy and not a bad skier either. He’s on the blue course. Trevor Donovan(Melissa and Joey/90210) is on the red.

Alicia Silverstein at DV Celeb FestYou’ll be able to watch all the entertainment on CBS Sunday, Dec. 14 at 3 p.m. Other celebs here this weekend include, Cheryl Hines, Dylan Bruno, Rob Morrow and Mark Feuerstein.

Utah definitely needs another storm rolling through but it's still a hoot to ski what we have. Sharpen up those edges and take advantage of this time to dust the cobwebs off, tweak your technique and get used to sliding again.

Photos: Top --Food is paramount at Ski Fest; Left -- Gabrielle Cateris and Camryn Mannheim; Alicia Silverstone (Jill Adler)

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