Loaded onto the Peak Triple and ready to hit the slopes at Pats Peak. (Pats Peak) 

The ol’ Peak Double Chair at southern New Hampshire’s Pats Peak was a good one. But with a new triple chair lift, Pats Peak has doubled the capacity of the lift from 800 to 1,600 people per hour. A conveyor carpet system makes loading easier and faster, cutting down on the ride time to the summit.

A December opening day for the new triple. (Pats Peak)

“Guests are loving the new chairlift as it is easy to load with the conveyor system at the bottom. This is allowing for fewer stops and starts of the lift. They also love the short 6-minute ride to the top. This new lift doubles the capacity of the old lift,” Pats Peak's Lori Rowell told SnoCountry.com.

New Skier Services Director John Pawlak and Ski Patrol Director Stefanie Costello join Roxy for first chair. (Pats Peak)

With a January thaw behind us, Pats Peak’s “base depths are still in good shape,” Rowell told us. The resort still has almost 100 percent of their trails and slopes open along with some gladed areas.

Improvements to snowmaking continue to be at the forefront of their upgrades with another $250,000 investment into their state-of-the-art 100 percent snowmaking coverage system. This year’s investment is the addition of six additional fan guns.

Keeping it snowy at Pats Peak. (Pats Peak/Facebook)

“We know that New England weather can be challenging with varying temperatures and levels of natural snowfall. That is why exceptional snowmaking capacity is a priority for us. We want to give our guests as much time as possible to enjoy the slopes every year. Fortunately, we have a committed ownership who are willing to invest in the very best products, allowing us to provide this great service year after year,” commented General Manager, Kris Blomback.

Pats Peak was the first ski area in New Hampshire to offer snowmaking and continues today to be an industry leader. “With our new snow guns, we are able to open more terrain even faster and sustain it longer, even through stretches with marginal winter temperatures”, says Blomback.

Pats Peak is midway through their lodge expansion and renovation. When it is complete, it will add more seating, an elevator and new bathrooms along with expanded locker service. This year’s expansion work is on the middle A-frame of the lodge with more seating on the cafeteria level.