Vail My friend Jon Groves, left, and I received some great tips from our private guide, Brad Allen, right. Photo Credit: Robert Silk

Gigi Girard, an OB-GYN in Louisville, Ky., says she has been to Vail approximately 50 times over the last 20 years. So, over dinner during our overlapping visit this month to Colorado's largest ski resort, I figured she'd be a perfect person to ask about how much her Vail experience during this Covid-19 winter differed from the norm.

Her answer: Very little, except that masks are mandatory and the nightlife shuts down early.

"For me, when you're on the mountain, you forget that Covid even exists," Girard told me. "I think the experiences and the people and the food, that is the same. It's this beautiful European-style village with people from all over the world."

I mostly nodded my head in agreement. After all, despite Covid-precautions, I certainly didn't feel like I had to give up any of the luxuries one comes to expect when visiting a resort like Vail.

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