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Northwest, East Coast BIG Powder Winners, And More Is On The Way

Forecast 2-14-14

Repeat after me ... Northwest and East Coast, Northwest and East Coast, Northwest and East Coast. They were the big winners this week, and they will also be the big winners through the weekend and into early next week. 


But … if the current weather pattern doesn't favor your mountain, then hold tight because the long-range forecast may bring you good news.


This weekend's weather pattern will remain through the middle of next week. Then we will see a change late next week as colder air and snow covers the entire western U.S. while the east warms up. That won't last for long, however. By late February, cold air will likely return to the east while the northwest and northern Rockies will stay snowy. 


We’re tracking the snow for you in your regional forecast.


Weekend forecast

Next Week's Forecast

Late February Forecast 

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