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Mountaintop Splendor - Snowshoe Mountain Resort Is Rich In History, Ripe With Opportunity

Snowshoe Snowshoe, West Virginia.

It may be easy to imagine you’re out West at a giant ski resort when you visit Snowshoe Mountain, but a closer look underneath the powdery surface reveals a rich local history and a pride for the traditions and people who once called these 11,000 acres in Pocahontas County home.

Cupp Run, for instance, has nothing to do with the trophy you might deserve for successfully skiing and everything to do with Cupp being the last name of early settlers in the area. Ballhooter isn’t just a funny lift name with a catchy ring to it; it’s an old name for a logger who would roll or pitch logs down a mountain. The expert slope Shay’s Revenge is a throwback to the name of the old steam locomotives that carried tons of timber from these mountaintops to the rivers below. And the Junction isn’t just a restaurant, but tribute to the old rail yards and logging towns once nestled within this part of the Appalachian Mountains.

“Pre-ski resort, the area was known for the only thing it was used for, a huge piece of timber property,” explained Shawn Cassell, Snowshoe Resort Mountain’s digital marketing and public relations manager.

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