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It’s Cheaper Than A Train, More Expensive Than A Bus. Is It The Solution To Canyon Gridlock?

Screen-Shot-2021-01-31-at-9.31.24-AM Little Cottonwood Canyon

It’s far too early to say with certainty a gondola is the answer officials will pick to tackle the aggravating gridlock heading to ski areas in the Wasatch canyons on powder days, but it is an option that’s captured the attention of Utah Gov. Spencer Cox.

“I’m very interested in the gondola proposal,” Cox said. “I will tell you, that’s where I’ve been leaning just with everything that I’ve read.”

Picture looking out a window from a cable car suspended high above Little Cottonwood Canyon, framed by the Wasatch Mountains. It glides along over 8 miles of cable, all the way toward the top of the canyon, with a stop first at Snowbird ski resort, then at Alta. The ride is about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your destination.

It’s a snow day — with canyon roads closed for avalanche control. While drivers wait for the canyon road to reopen, you’re sitting and waiting with more than a dozen others clad in snow gear, skis in hand, ready to step out to the ski resort. Then the slopes.

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