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Iconic Alpine Slide Returns To Camelback Resort


Camelback's Pocono Pipeline offers fun for all ages. (Camelback Resort)

Camelback Resort in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains has gone retro with the relaunch of the iconic Alpine Slide of yesteryear with a new design and name.

The Pocono Pipeline is reminiscent of the once beloved Alpine Slide that operated 1977-2003. The new Pocono Pipeline takes everything nostalgic about the popular attraction, and makes it even better.

original Camelback Resort Alpine Slide

The new slide features a fiberglass track that Camelback says offers heightened speed sensation and control compared to the old poured concrete slide.

Drivers control their own speed, and dual, 2,800 foot-long tracks lend themselves to some friendly competition to race to the bottom at up to 25 miles per hour, through a series of switchbacks, straight-aways and dips. Kids ages 3-8 can ride with an adult.

The new Pocono Pipeline. (Camelback Resort)

Similar to a bobsled ride, a wheeled car navigates the slides, controlled by a hand brake for speed control. The revamped sleds feature rear wheels that better follow the curvature of the track.

“The Alpine Slide has real sentiment among those guests who grew up coming to the Pocono Mountains and Camelback Resort,” said Arthur Berry III, co-owner of Camelback Resort. “We are really excited to bring back a new and improved version of this iconic attraction and many of our guests tell us they’re looking forward to sharing this nostalgic ride with their own children.”

“Recent advances in both track and sled design have greatly improved the overall safety and rider experience over the original version, setting the gold standard for a new generation in slope side fun,” said Ken Ellis, President of Aquatic Development Group, the developer of the new and improved Alpine Slide, and co-owner of Camelback Resort.

The Pocono Pipeline is priced at $10.00 per rider or can be bundled with other attractions for a customized day of adventure, appropriate for all ages.

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