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Skiing Trivia - How Well Versed Are You on Winter Sports?

Mt. Hood Meadows volcano skiingTest your trivia talent. Questions apply to North American areas unless otherwise noted. Check the answers at the bottom to see how you did. No peeking


  1. Of four US holdouts, which area recently welcomed snowboarders?
  2. Name any 4 ski areas located on dormant volcanoes or their shoulders.
  3. The K-2 T-Nine women’s ski series relates to:
  4. Where can you ski a lift-served glacier in June or July?
  5. List 2014’s top-four ski states by skier visits.
  6. First Winter Olympics to include an ALPINE event?
  7. Two southernmost ski areas are:
  8. Areas featuring heated bubble chairlifts?
  9. Number states with Alpine areas:  29, 37. 42
  10. Two persons who developed snowboards bearing their names:
  11. Western area operated Oct. 8, 94 to August 13, 1995:
  12. Two continents with winter seasons during our summers?
  13. Michigan boasted 51, 44, or 35 ski areas in 2014:
  14. Three sets of brothers who make their living in skiing.
  15. First US chairlifts installed in 1936 at?
  16. Resort claiming most skiable acreage?
  17. Two U.S. areas with highest lift-served skiing:
  18. Name any 5 areas served by aerial trams:
  19. All green circle trails are of the same difficulty. True/False. 
  20. Which Eastern area posted a 246-day, 1983-84 season?
  21. First rope tow installed at:
  22. First US Alpine competitor to win two Golds in one Olympics:
  23. First Moguls Olympic Gold winner?
  24. How many US areas can Seniors 70+ ski for free:  10, 20, 30, or 40+ 
  25. Who plans to resurrect The Balsams into a major resort?
  26. When is learn-to-ski/ride month?


  1. Taos, NM
  2. Bachelor, Mammoth, Mount Shasta, Crystal, Mt. Hood (any of its 5 areas: Meadows, Timberline, Skibowl, Cooper Spur, Summit)    
  3. Title IX legislation  
  4. Horstman at Blackcomb, BC; Palmer at Timberline/Mt Hood, OR
  5. CO, CA, VT, UT
  6. 1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany; Alpine Combined
  7. Mount Lemmon Ski Valley, AZ; Ski Apache, NM
  8. Canyons, UT; Okemo, VT 
  9. 37
  10. Tom Sims, Jake Burton Carpenter
  11. Mammoth, CA
  12. South America, Australia
  13. 44 (behind NY@ 51)
  14. Dan, John Egan; Eric, Rob DesLauriers; Phil, Steve Mahre
  15. Sun Valley
  16. .Big Sky 
  17. Breckenridge, Arapaho Basin
  18. Jay Peak, Cannon Mt., Sandia Peak, Alyeska, Heavenly, Jackson Hole, Big Sky, Snowbird, 
  19. False
  20. Killington
  21. Shawbridge, Canada
  22. Andrea Mead (Lawrence)
  23. Donna Weinbrecht
  24. 40+  (2014-15 season).
  25. Les Otten
  26. January

Photos: Top -- Mt. Hood Meadows boasts volcano skiing (Michael Hildreth, Mt. Hood Meadows); Bottom -- Mt. Brighton is one of Michigan's 44 ski areas (Mt. Brighton/JJN Photo)

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