killington Spring skiing at Killington.

The Beast of the East is here to stay for a little while longer. As per usual. 

Killington Resort can generally stretch its season to outlast its counterparts. SnowPak, a website that tracks resorts' open and close dates, projected Killington would shut its doors at the end of May. This outpaces other listed Vermont resorts, many of which had season end dates set in April. 

The resort offers seven mountain areas, with Killington Peak clocking in at 4,241 feet. It's not just the natural snow that makes the resort a winter wonderland for so much of the year. 

"Killington Mountain is the largest ski and snowboard resort in eastern North America known for long seasons thanks to abundant natural snowfall and the most extensive snow making system in the world," according to Mountain Green Rental Company in Killington.

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