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PCSkiGal: Here’s Who’s Coming To Sundance 2014 -- But, Will they Ride?

Sundance Oakley EventIt’s true what they say. No one skis or rides during Sundance. But by ‘no one.’ we don’t mean ‘anyone’ or ‘someone.’

There’s so much to do off the hill that people forget to ski. The annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, however, brings in a plethora of talent who often take advantage of the short windows of free time to get out and ride.

We have fresh snow and a warm sun predicted this weekend and the Oakley Learn to Ride event is back to motivate celebs, entertainment industry execs and invited media. After getting outfitted inside the “Sayers Club” (Main Street's Downstairs nightclub), they’ll bust out onto the slopes with some of the world's top ranked pro athletes including Olympic medalist Danny Kass and Fuel TV’s Dingo for a one-hour private.

One year, I was suited up in head-to-toe Oakley with Andie McDowell and her daughter trying on clothes next to me. We all looked oh so slick. Unfortunately, I never have enough time for turns. Locals are spoiled. We can wait until the hubbub dies down.

For us, it’s much more fun to check out the influx of PIBs (people in black). Not to mention, the buzz on the street is this year's Sundance Film Festival is going to blow up.

Which means you should expect to see hundreds of indie darling celebs - actors, musicians, producers and directors. Of course, you'll catch them at the movie premiere Q&A's, but wouldn’t it be way more cool to ride a lift with them?

Perhaps you’d rather walk Main Street and take in the sights. Last year, a very hammered Eric Roberts swayed outside Flight Boutique, corralling passersby for photos like Cinderella at Disneyland. That one was easy pickings.
So buckle up and grab your camera because Park City is going over to the dark side starting Thursday and you won’t want to miss a moment. 

Here are just some of the faces to play Where’s Waldo with:

Michael C. Hall; Sam Shepard; Don Johnson; Vinessa Shaw; Wyatt Russell; Anna Kendrick; John C. Reilly; Molly Shannon; Paul Reiser; Elijah Wood; Tom Sizemore; Maggie Gyllenhaal; Philip Seymour Hoffman; John Turturro; Zoe Saldana; Mark Ruffalo; Kristen Wiig; Luke Wilson; Ty Burrell and Rachel McAdams.

Also look for Willem Dafoe; Robin Wright; William H. Macy; Billy Crudup; Anton Yelchin; Selena Gomez; Ryan Reynolds; Gemma Arterton; Brendan Gleeson; Chris O'Dowd; Nicholas Hoult; Elle Fanning; Michael Shannon; Aaron Ashmore; Gilles Marini; Diane Kruger; Rose McGowan; Zach Braff; Kate Hudson; Ashley Greene; Glenn Close; Flea; Liv Tyler; Kevin Smith; Kristen Stewart; John Lithgow and Alfred Molina.

Still more: Marisa Tomei; Cheyenne Jackson; Bill Hader; Elizabeth Banks; Jesse Eisenberg; Felicity Huffman; Jason Schwartzman; Amy Poehler; Paul Rudd; Ed Helms; Aaron Paul; Juliette Lewis; Brit Marling; Katie Couric; Anne Hathaway; Mary Steenburgen; Josh Gad; Joey King; Jim Parsons; and Mandy Patinkin.

Still a few more: Ashley Greene; Elisabeth Moss; Morgan Spurlock; Brooke Burke; Big Boi from Outkast; and Effie Brown.

If you don’t recognize a name go to IMDB for stats and photos

Photo: Celebs at Oakley event last year (Jill Adler)
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