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The two Swiss winter sports areas of Arosa and Lenzerheide will be linked in January by a new cable car. 

Once connected, the two areas will become the largest contiguous ski region in the Graubünden region with 225 kms (140 miles) of ski slopes and 42 lifts, and supposedly one of the country’s top 10 ski regions.

The 1.7 km-long Hörnli-Urdenfürggli link consists of two single-track reversible ropeways that run parallel to each other.  Carrying capacity is 1,700 people per hour or 150 skiers or snowboarders per car for the approximately 3.2- minute ride. 

One of the benefits of the link will be the combination of a valid ski pass and public transportation ticket at no extra charge. Two new six-person chairlifts will be built from Heimbert to Motta and from Motta to Urdenfürggli, where you can board the new cable car to Arosa. 

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