Get in Shape

It’s time! It’s snowing in the North American mountains and winter is truly “just around the corner.” No matter how fit you are from your summertime adventures, you’ll feel better and ski stronger if you take the time now, to do some pre-season training.

For the last two years, physical therapist Bryan Whitesides created pre-season workouts for The Brave Ski Mom. Rather than work up another new workout this year, I’m posting links to each of these 15 minute wonders.

There are workouts for alpine skiing, nordic skiing, and snowboarding. There is also one workout that does it all. Choose a workout and do it 2-3 times a week. Mix things up and try different workouts each day. Get your kids involved, and make it 15 minutes of family fun!

In addition to these workouts, I also review a new ski training product from the UK: the SKiA Sweetspot Trainer and link back to some useful information about how biking helps your overall skiing fitness.

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